GIVEAWAY and Interview with Bianca Reis from Agatha Cub


Today’s featured designer is Bianca Reis, the creative soul behind Agatha Cub, an exciting new brand of organic clothing and accessories for babies and kids. Agatha Cub brings serious eco credentials and a thoughtful design approach to their collection. Using photography to create mesmerizing patterns, Agatha Cub’s designs embody the story of the city they come from (NYC) and are inspired by ‘real stuff’ – “Weird looking sea animals, the surface texture of the moon and the 12,000 species of moss. Real stuff worth wearing”.

Agatha Cub’s first release is a very funky five panel hat made from GOTS certified organic cotton and digitally printed with ‘Bodega Ruby’, their first print. And we are lucky enough to have one up for grabs plus a $10 voucher! To enter the GIVEAWAY head to our Facebook page here and share or comment on the post. The giveaway is open internationally too! (Ends Dec 23, 2013)


More designs will be launched in batches to ensure the uniqueness of every item, so make sure you sign-up for their updates and follow them here. Thanks Bianca for sharing your passion for sustainable design for little people with us!

Hi Bianca! Please tell us a little about yourself and what path led you to where you are today?

Hi! I am a designer who has lived in NYC for coming on 4 years. I moved from Sydney to pursue a fashion career and have worked in contemporary Mens and Womenswear for brands such as Helmut Lang, Kimberley Ovitz and Kenneth Cole. It didn’t take long to become jaded by the industry and it’s lack of care in regards to it’s impact on the world. I’ve always wanted to start my own label and when my nephews were born, it became very clear how i would do that.

Click HERE for the rest of Bianca’s interview plus more pics of her latest Agatha Cub collection.

What inspired you to launch Agatha Cub and what is your vision for it?

My nephews! I want organic to be an option for them in their everyday because its better for their precious skin and sustainable for the world that they will inherit. But on top of that i want to make it desirable for them, and help rid organic of its ‘uncool/beige’ reputation. I would love for Agatha Cub to establish itself as a lifestyle brand. We have plans to introduce single products at a time that we truly believe in. This again is an effort to reduce the waste associated with overproducing styles/bodies in collections.

Why is it important for you to bring sustainable principles into your collection?

It is important for me to be guided by sustainable principles because of the impact that we as humans have on the world. It is not fairing so well these days, and there are so many small things that each and every one of us can do to help reduce that. By providing an affordable organic solution that is desirable and fun, we can create awareness and hopefully this will spill over into other areas of consumer’s lives. A big part of this, is our regular blog updates. By tackling each issue as they present themselves to us, we believe that by discussing it out in the open we can start a conversation with the public. We talk about everything from organic and sustainable to business practices and the industries that we interact with.

We love your first print Bodega Ruby. What is the story behind it and how does it embody the philosophy of your brand?

Thanks! The Bodega Ruby print was developed from a photograph taken at a Bodega in the West Village in NYC. But it could have come from any one of the 16,500 Bodegas in NYC, the Bodega Ruby print represents the spirit of this city in all it’s griminess. A big part of our philosophy will be seeking out things in the real world to educate and inspire our kids. When I first started buying gifts and clothing for my nephews, I noticed that the majority of kids clothes had cutesy cartoon graphics, and were lacking a focus on the real world. We love the idea of using photography in combination with the low-impact digital printing process to find a new way to expose kids to what is out there in the world. I think that our kids can handle it, and I know for sure that my nephews can.

Can you give us a sneak peek of what’s in the future for Agatha Cub?

We’re currently developing a diaper carry-all system that fits into Mum’s pre-existing handbag. It will be called the Swagroll, inspired by the nomadic Aussie Swagman. It’s the product that inspired the whole brand, and will be out in the new year. See the sketch for the sneak preview!!

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